angular connect 2016

…a lot of thinks..

Angular 2 Testing for Hackers (workshop code):

Building Mobile Apps With Ionic 2 (workshop code) :

Managing Async With RxJS 5 and Angular 2 (workshop code) :

AngularConnect 2016 IoT Workshop

Bulb Ionic App (workshop code) :

Optimizing Angular Apps (slides):


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fiorenzo pizza

Fiorenzo Pizza is Senior Software Engineer at Ict-Group, where he currently works on developing systems for big enteprise customers. He has a background as a researcher at the University of Bologna at the project S.W.I.M.M. "Multimodal Interactive Services for the Web" heavily using java EE technologies. Latest OS projects: - twiliofaces, plivo-java-ee, giavacms Coming soon!

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