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Angular 2 Testing for Hackers (workshop code):

Building Mobile Apps With Ionic 2 (workshop code) :

Managing Async With RxJS 5 and Angular 2 (workshop code) :

AngularConnect 2016 IoT Workshop

Bulb Ionic App (workshop code) :

Optimizing Angular Apps (slides):


vertx on java one 2016

Vert.x – From zero to (micro)-hero

Clement Escoffier, Julien VietVersion 0.5,August 30th, 2016


Let’s start from the beginning…. Vert.x. What’s Vert.x ? That’s a pretty good question, and probably a good start. If you go on the Vert.x web site, Vert.x is defined as “a toolkit for building reactive applications on the JVM”. This description is rather fuzzy no ? What’s atoolkit ? What are reactive applications ? In this lab, we are going to explain these words, and build an application using Vert.x illustrating what Vert.x is. This application is going to be composed by microservices. Another buzzword to be trendy ? No, Vert.x was promoting microservices before everyone and his dog jumped on the bandwagon…..