regular expressions in a simple way: VerbalExpressions

Surfing to find new things, i found this important library.. amd i thought:
‘how is possible survive to regular expressions, without using this┬áVerbalExpressions???

If you worked with regex, when you read the initial example.. the smile open your face…


VerbalExpression testRegex = VerbalExpression.regex()
	           				.maybe("www.").anythingBut(" ")

// Create an example URL
String url = "";

// Use VerbalExpression's testExact() method to test if the entire string matches the regex
testRegex.testExact(url); //True

testRegex.toString(); // Outputs the regex used:
                      // ^(?:http)(?:s)?(?:\:\/\/)(?:www\.)?(?:[^\ ]*)$

Is it very very fantastic?